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Do you want to meet your like minded? We organise meals and events based on popular interests.

Our events give you the flexibility to attend events by yourself with a friendly group with whom you share a common interest. Enjoy your interests with your like minded.

Both men and women 39+ are welcome.  Join us ? Its only $9 per month and enjoy discounted event tickets.

Or try a one off meal or event tickets?

Meet your like minded today.


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Every month we organise a variety of events that may include meals, theatre, concerts, sport or talks. We aim to have at least one free event per month while others are paid events. Generally they are within a 12 km radius of the CBD.

Benefits of our events:

  • Meet and connect with like-minded people
  • We organise all tickets & meeting points plus pre & post event gatherings
  • Access to hard-to-get events at competitive prices

For example, our sporting events include a designated Meeting like minded ‘box/seating area’ where you can talk sport all day. Similarly, for concerts we purchase the tickets in a group, and organise before and after food and drinks for post mortems and getting to know you.

Attendance at events requires a membership of $9 a month per year. Members can bring guests. Check terms & conditions for more.


During Rugby events join a group of other sport enthusiasts at our exclusive open air box located in the Nick Shehadie Stand. Boxes can be catered or food and beverages can be purchased in the nearby vicinity and seat up to 12 people.

While for cricket we can arrange premium seats in the Churchill Stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground (Level 4). The comfortable seats are elevated, under cover (in the shade) and have a full unimpeded view of the field and the big screen. You are right in the action!


Whether you are working late, or travelling and want to avoid room service or a late takeaway our meal events provide a popular dinner alternative. Our meal members are asked to provide their Linkedin profile to promote networking. Meal members are not required to pay the monthly membership and need only confirm their booking.

While Sydney is our first location we are soon to add other cities. Feel free to request a preferred location.


Our talks cover a diverse range of speakers and topics. Previous speakers included Richard Fidler, Hugh Mackay, and topics include preventing dementia, sport in Australian culture journalism in a global world and many more.

Keep an eye out for topics / speakers that peak your interest. Talks are usually followed by lunch or drinks for a good post mortem discussion. Bring a friend or your opinion!

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Would like to join the Meeting Like minded group, meeting people and attending interesting events. .

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