Who We Are


A social group organising events for like minded people. Members are approximately 45 plus age group with events based within 12km of Sydney CBD.

Benefits of our events for you:

  • Provides opportunities to meet and connect with others. Most members are either business people or retired.
  • All organisation done for you including tickets, meeting point, pre & post event food & drink gatherings.
  • Access to hard to get events at good prices
  • Regular updates keep you updated as to whats on and you can join in as desired.

Monthly Membership $9 gives access to all tickets. With one event free per year of membership.

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Some kind words from our members

  • Jacalyn McGuiness

    A simple & quite brilliant idea- getting together with others to go to events you want to go to!!!

    Jacalyn McGuiness

  • Lucy Crook

    Great variety of events to choose from and so nice to be able to turn up, have a great time with a fun group of people without having to organise a thing apart from what to wear and how to get there - luxury!

    Lucy Crook

  • Paul Jenkinson

    Great night at The Beast equal measures of hilarity , shock & horror ... Did they really just do that ? All topped off by a few cheeky cocktails, great people , thanks for a great night look forward to next event

    Paul Jenkinson

  • Sharon Luxford

    Caroline thank you for putting this group together. I had a fabulous time at The Beast on Saturday night. Pre dinner drinks and great conversation with new friends and then a theatrical event that was 'memorable' to say the least... and the after party...well that was nothing short of superb!!

    Sharon Luxford