Are you a Magpie or a Meerkat?

Are you a Magpie or a Meerkat?

Well-being we are schooled is nurtured by a sense of connectedness. Feeling connected to people can be many many things to each of us.

In my own family the meerkats are a great analogy, while my original family was more like the magpies. A loud competitive discussion with lots of verbal jostling was our regular engagement model.

In any case it is a basic human need to connect to others as and when desired.

Meeting like minded was our idea to create a way for people to connect. In our busy world it allows you to choose your activity with a ready made group of like mined souls.

Our discussions with friends and family revealed a lack of time or energy to organise some type of social engagement without the pressure "of a partner" or "too much conversation" or long term calendar planning!

Our events are chosen and organised to facilitate connections for individuals or groups in a relaxed environment. Based around an activity they allow a natural balance between engagement and companionship.

Finally with all the organisation done for you, you need only book in your attendance and show up.